Yachting : By boat from Rosas to Cadaqués

Port of Cadaqués

Let’s go!

One on my first experiences at the Costa Brava : Yachting. We leave the Gulf of Rosas with a small yacht and 10 men. Chugging though the canals, in which some catamarans of tourists and locals lie. Passing by modern houses and traditional tower villas. Than we pick up speed and are on the open sea.

Our view to the horizon

In the further distance, some almost empty dream beaches appear, because the sky is covered by grey clouds – I have never seen that here before. The ocean, the landscape, everything appears completely different than under a blue sky. But still beautiful. Anyway, I can never get enough of the sea. Yellow buoys are floating on the water. So much horizon, where sky and ocean blur into each other.

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Sea & mountains

The picturesque landscape of Empordá

Further past huge rocks, whose colour gradient ranges from cream white to dark ochre tones, overgrown with big green trees. Discover small caves in the rocks and imagine how exciting it would be to sit there and watch the sea, birds and passing boats.
When we see the shore, the sky has been torn open and the early sun shines in our faces. I see the whitewashed houses, the pretty church – that must be Cadaqués! We moor at a buoy in the harbour, wondering about this picturesque little coastal town in white. For me, it’s so far the most beautiful place on the Costa Brava!


Enjoy Cadaqués!

We walk around in Cadaqués for a few hours, drink an iced coffee – ¡qué rico! – eat a few tapas and stroll through the beautiful shops, the small alleys and galleries. Also the house of the famous surrealist, Salvador Dalí is around the corner and we marvel at the heads, the eggs and admire the beautiful view from his house.

Back to the sea

Back on the boat we eat olives, fresh fruits and pistachios. I am exhausted by the many new impressions, the rough sea breeze, the sun and the delicious food.
“Like in a hammock.” I still hear my aunt say. Then the gentle rocking of the sea lulls me within a few seconds into a cosy siesta. I wake up from a fresh breeze and am happy to be here.

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Panoramic view from Cadaqués to the sea

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