Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Barcelona – The other side

Barcelona off the beaten tracks…The famous Sagrada Familia, the Rambla, the Plaça Catalunya… all of these popular sights immediately come to mind when thinking of Barcelona… But Catalonia’s capital has so much more to offer! With that in mind,...

Temps de Flors 2019 – Girona

Temps de Flors - Thousands of flowers, blossoms, branches, twigs and colourful installations decorated the historic centre of Girona for a week in May 2019. Despite the rain, on the first day of the 64th Long queues at Temps de...

Cadaqués during ” InCadaqués “

For 10 days in September, the International Photo Festival “ InCadaqués ” brought creatives, tourists and locals to 31 different exhibitions in the small galleries and museums of this white town of the Mediterranean. It's on of the coolest...
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Latest News

Festival Terra de Trobadors – Castello d’Empúries

For many years, it has been celebrating the traditional medieval festival Terra de Trobadors in Castelló d’Empúries. Every year,...
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