Hiking in Cadaqués

Pla de Tuleda

Sunshine in autumn

The hottest time of the year is over. But today – at the beginning of October, the late summer sun shines warmly from the sky and let everybody smile. We head for Portlligat – a small fishing village where the famous artist Salvador Dalí once lived and worked with his wife Gala in a white house right by the sea. His domicile is today one of the most visited museums in Catalonia and from time to time we also take the opportunity to be inspired by the surreal ambience of his home. For the afternoon we have registered for a tour through his house in Portlligat. Before, we will go hiking in Cadaqués!

Camí de Ronda

Until then there is enough time for some small hikes in the surrounding area. The sea is like a mirror and a few boats are bobbing photogenically up and down in the bay. It’s the best weather to explore a small section of the Camí de Ronda! On the GR-92 (Camí de Ronda), the whole Costa Brava can be discovered by foot! From the French-Spanish border in the north at Portbou down to Blanes in the south, this path lures to hikes with great sea view.

Hiking in Cadaqués : Also nice as a circular route

Our route takes only half a day and is also possible as a small circular route: first along the rocky coast from Portlligat to the picturesque Cadaqués. Then the shorter way back through the middle of the village – according to the signs to the campsite or the Casa Salvador Dalí in Portlligat.


Dream bays & small islands

The small hike leads past tiny dream bays such as Platja des Calders, Platja d’es Caials and Platja de S’aranella. At this time of year there are only a few tourists left and in the hidden bays only some locals swim their morning rounds – if at all. Looking at the crystal clear sea, we discover islands near the shore like Illa de Portlligat, Sa Farnera, Farallons d’en Molly and S’Arenella. We imagine the life on the small islands would be wonderfully romantic – at least in summer.

View over the magnificent Cadaqués

We continue with small breaks to take a deep breath or take pictures past breathtaking vantage points like the Mirador Illa Portlligat and Búnquer de Caials. Rough rocks rise out of the water and we stay again to capture moments and landscapes with the camera. Between the pine trees, time after time some beach bars appear close to the village of Cadaqués. We stay in the shade of trees in one of these bars with a view to the white coastal village and enjoy a cool drink.

Costa Brava, Salvador Dalí
View over the beautiful city of Cadaqués

Where Salvador Dalí was born & raised

Cadaqués is without doubt the most beautiful place of the Costa Brava! Also Salvador Dalí knew this and made once the still unknown small fishing nest his centre of life and artwork. The picturesque surroundings with its rugged rocks, hidden bays and vthe blue shimmering sea inspired many of his surreal works. The fresh air also blows all my worries out of my mind and makes room for new ideas.
To intensify this, in the afternoon we go on a short tour through the spectacular Pla de Tudela.

Pla de Tudela

Where once in the 60s, the first members of Club Med made holidays, today you find almost untouched nature again. In some places, rusty metal cubes remember of the ancient buildings of Club Med. There are sculptures that frame the landscape and merge with it in colour. Nevertheless, the bizarre rock formations are the real highlight of Pla de Tudela! Formed over thousands of years by storm, salt and waves. The barren, rocky landscape fascinates with its wild blue sea and sky like on a postcard.

Pla de Tuleda
The crazy rock formations rise from the ground in an exciting environment!

Inspiring for the great Dalí

Salvador Dalí loved this park full of natural sculptures, found surreal inspiration here and gave the rock formations imaginative names – like a camel, an eagle and much more. In his paintings you can find some of the mythical creatures: the most famous is “El gran mastubador”.

Hiking in Cadaqués : the unique nature park of Cap de Creus

Since 1998 the small peninsula Cap de Creus is under nature protection. And Dalí was also aware of its necessity back in 1961:

“This part between the camel and the eagle, which you know and love as much as I do, is and should remain pure geology forever, without anything that could damage it. It is a matter of principle. This is a mythological place, made more for gods than for man, and it should remain that.“

We also feel almost divine here and outside of reality. A reason to come back. Hiking in Cadaqués is just great!!


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