Cadaqués during ” InCadaqués “

In Cadaqués
Mosaic of photos

For 10 days in September, the International Photo Festival “ InCadaqués ” brought creatives, tourists and locals to 31 different exhibitions in the small galleries and museums of this white town of the Mediterranean. It’s on of the coolest events at the Costa Brava! Cadaqués, an old fishing village, has been the hot spot of the Costa Brava for some years now and is increasingly becoming the tourist flagship of the region.

Salvador Dalí’s legendary parties in Cadaqués

surrealistic artist Salvador Dalí
Photography of Dalí on a green door in Cadaqués

Since Salvador Dalí began to celebrate his legendary surrealist parties and vernissages, Cadaqués and Port Lligat have been receiving jet-setters and creatives from all over the world.

” InCadaqués ” : Hippie-Culture

Romantic street on the seaside, Cadaqués, Costa Brava.
Small street in Cadaqués

To this day, there’s a vibe of hippie art and culture in the steep alleys of the town. It is often the children of wealthy people who, sponsored, currently venerate the hippie culture, or open their own studio at a privileged place.


Bohamian-style, small and exclusive fisher town

lach and white photografies, showed in a small gallery in Cadaqués.
One of the 31 photo galleries ” InCadaqués “

The international mix of wealthy owners, gallerists, intellectuals and well-paid artists gives this old fishing village the modern image of exclusivity and bohemianism that it has; well hidden behind the seven mountains, at the foot of the last slopes of the Pyrenees that sink here in the sea: a place to see and to be seen.

Insider’s tip?

Visitors of the international  Photo Festival " InCadaqués ".
Tourists, locals & creatives at the international Photo Festival

The fact that all this information hasn’t been a secret for a long time was evident during our short visit in September.

From the mountains & olive groves to the sea

Blick auf Cadaqués.
View from the church over Cadaqués & the ocean

Slowly we meandered along the road from the mountain to the sea. At the same time, we gathered patience and enjoyed the view: silver and shining olive groves; lush green vineyards; small stacked walls of gray shale and azure blue sea. Unfortunately, there are always impatient people who make kamikaze overtaking maneuvers, risking their lives.

Vernissages and beach bars

Eine Möwe treibt gemütlich im Mittelmeer - an der Costa Brava.
Seagull in the sea

After arriving safely in the valley, on this sunny Saturday noon, we found one of the last parking places in front of the city. Most of the galleries are closed at this time. In the program of events for the afternoon we find only vernissages.So we get carried away by the moment and enjoy the beautiful late summer day: we eat tapas with friends in one of the beach bars in the bay of the old city and watch the seagulls while we relax.

Wedding on the church square

After the siesta, the bells of the white church announce the mass over the roofs of the city. Out of curiosity, we go to the church square. Dressed for the occasion, hundreds of guests have gathered here for a wedding.

Walk through Cadaqués

One after the other galleries, shops and boutiques open their doors. Taking a walk through the narrow streets in the shade. Discovering now and then photographic work of art between the walls of the city. We envy the lazy cats who stretch out in any shade spot. Also we admire one or another pedestrian in extravagant attire on the way to the next gallery. Bringing you here through some photos, in this tour through “InCadaqués”. Have fun with our impressions!


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