Costa Brava Vintage

Catalonia's coast in a new, old perspective : A black and white film from August 2019

beach, roses, sant pere pescador, costa brava, vintage

Oldschool is the new chic. Or was it never gone? The classic 501 Levis jeans are sold in bulk second hand and analog cameras are discovered in the fathers cabinet. Voilà, la Costa Brava au style vintage, la côte catalane à l’ancienne : un film en noir et blanc d’août 2019.

Vintage cars are posted in black and white on Instagram and for the small photo shops it’s suddenly worth sending films back to the lab for development.

The mainstream is slowly but surely moving away from the abundance. Maybe even from the thousands of digital photos on the iPhone that we shoot randomly because we have enough storage space anyway.

Costa Brava Vintage, Minolta, analogue photography, roadtrip, Sant Pere Pescador
Sunbathe, swim, read books, chat & a snapshot!

The trend is back towards minimalism. The youth demonstrate with “Fridays for Future” and are aware of the insane consumption.

Costa Brava Vintage, Minolta, analogue photography, roadtrip, empuriabrava
If only the modern cars were not in the background… the picture could also be from 1974!

Here a few impressions of afternoons at the sea & a roadtrip with the VW T2 mini-bus to Cadaqués. Taken with the analog Minolta and a 50mm lens by Christina Blomen. Enjoy the dreamlike Costa Brava in vintage style!

Costa Brava Vintage, Minolta, analogue photography, roadtrip, san martí d'Empúries
Christina Blomen confides her old Minolta to someone else – photographed by Johannes Liebscher on the terrace of the hostal in San Martí!

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