l'Estartit - new sports port and new beach promenade

Der neue Hafen von l'Estratit
Der erneurter Hafen von l'Estratit in seinem neuen Glanz

l’Estartit – The pirates attacked our coasts since the 16th century. The Medes Islands were a refuge for pirates.

Medes Islands – l’Estartit

About a nautical mile away from the beach of L’Estartit, seven small islands rise out of the sea.
They form one of the most important marine wildlife reservations of the Western Mediterranean and therefore are a prime destination for sport divers.

Der Blick von dem  neuen passeo maritimo in l'Estratit auf die Medas Inseln
The Medas Islands in front of l’Estartit

Diving – Medas Islands at l’Estartit

The number of daily dives is limited in order not to jeopardize the natural paradise underwater: The bottom of the sea with caves full of red coral and extended fields of Posidonia oceanica is strictly protected.
The land-based area provides a spectacular view, too. The former pirate islands are very close to the beaches and the new sport haven, which is about to be completed and gives the small seaside town a lot of new charm.

l'Estratit - Die neue Strandpromenade führt bis an die Klippen
The beach promenade ends at the beautiful cliffs of l’Estartit

New beach promenade

Starting this year, L’Estartit attracts with a new extended promenade. Now, you’re not only able to stroll along the port facility but also to dip into the bizarre rock backdrop close to El Molinet and Roca d’en Boni, passing the last few houses with views to the unique Medes islands. The Paseo del Molinet is well illuminated and there are many benches with sea view.

Die neue Strandpromenade in l'Estratit
On a beautiful sunny day we strolled along the beach promenade of l’Estratit and enjoyed the day

Paseo del Molinet – l’Estartit

The Paseo del Molinet – At any time, you can take an evening walk at dusk or watch the full moon wandering around the firmament.

Paseo del Molinet in l'Estratit
Die Strandpromenade trägt den Namen “Passeo del Molinet”


L’Estartit has changed a lot over the past few years. Many new restaurants with a modern and welcoming character opened directly by the sea.

A tip: Even in case of the tramontane coming over, you can relax and enjoy the view to the stormy sea and the rock peaks of the Medes islands (Illes Medes), sitting in one of the wind-protected pavement cafés in the harbour of L’Estartit. 

Der Club Nautic von l'Estratit
The Club Nautic is also completely new and fits perfectly into the new harbor ambience

l’Estartit by Tramuntana

The brawly sea at the feet, breathing in the salty air, watching the sea-gulls gliding and dreaming of being in the water. The perfect place to let your thoughts fly, forget the world and send your dreams to heaven.
Being alone with the wind and the water in autumn – could there be something more beautiful to experience?


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