Bay hopping in september


Blue Ocean

The tramontane has kept away its stormy greetings for weeks, which is perfect for exploring the Costa Brava from the water – bay hopping in september. Blue days at sea are among the most popular adventures on the Costa Brava. You just cruise relaxed from one bay to the next, letting yourself drift, you don’t have to hurry, just enjoy the day, the late summer sun on your skin, the soft sound of the waves, a refreshing jump into crystal-clear cool water, deep down to the dark blue bottom of the sea. Silver rocks, white foam splashes, bilious green pines, paradisiac landscape: happiness, time and space for dreams.

On the high seas

We’re chugging slowly out of the feisty bustle of the channels of Empuriabrava, passing by tower villas full of ornaments, modern white cubes with lots of glass and small yachts swaying gently with the wind. We’re slowly approaching the harbor exit.Now we can shift a gear up. Olli, our captain, puts his foot down. White wave foam splashes in front of the lens. Our Rio hops swiftly and smoothly over crests and troughs. We’ve approached the skyline of Santa Margarida in no time. We continue towards Roses, we start seeing in front of us the many floors of a cruise ship. It has already shipped its passengers ashore and they are already walking around the streets of Roses. The cruise industry is booming, despite the appalling environmental impact: only a few cruise ships filter fine dust from their exhaust fumes.

Parasailing – the trend of summer

In front of us, there’s a parasail wing floating over the water. Parasailing looking at the bay of Roses, this strange combination of boat and “parachute” is the hype of the summer. Floating 150 meters above the sea, that is what Aventura Nàutica advertises. You could be up there starting from 100 euros, provided you have no fear of heights.


Bay hopping in september

Once we’ve passed the sports harbor of Roses, our bay hopping begins. We switch down a gear and explore the unique coastal landscape between Roses and Cadaqués. We are not the only ones on this beautiful September day, many of the small hidden coves can only be reached by boat or adventurous climbing routes. Nevertheless, there is a lively bathing activity. Picturesque rocking boats scattered among the rocks. One or the other pink inflated animal is up to mischief. High above us, a white-tailed eagle hovers majestically in the sky; it watches suspiciously the hustle and bustle underneath and disappears on the horizon after a short time.

Lunch at the Chiringuito

We’re capturing the panorama of Cadaqués. Olli cleverly maneuvers us through the maze of colorful buoys and mooring boats towards the church, one of the landmarks of the picturesque white artists’ village.Noon has arrived by now. We’ve reserved a table at the Chiringuito La Pelosa in Cala la Pelosa near Roses. There, you can find delicious paella and fideua marinera, as well as grilled fish, seafood and everything from the sea, whatever your heart desires; also, ice-cold rosé or white wine, it can’t get better than this. However, this is just an informal beach hut, where you can sit in the shade on a terrace by the sea.

City of Cadaqués. all white everything

Catalan delicacies

This place is an insider tip for tourists and it’s extremely popular with locals and insiders. Therefore, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance. If you come by boat, you can dock at one of the buoys in the bay. For the inflatable boat service of the restaurant, you must go ashore; sometimes you need a little patience until it’s your turn. After about 10 minutes, the black rubber boat docks with us and we are safely brought ashore. Our table is ready, the menu comes immediately, the drinks within minutes, the service is friendly and fast. Soon we have our appetizer calamares a la andaluza in front of us. Then the fideua marinera comes to the table. This typical Catalan dish is like a paella, but instead of rice they cook it with thin vermicelli. Delicious!

Castle of Roses, Costa Brava
Castle near Roses

Return journey

Some rosé goes very well with this. Salut! Afterwards, a café con hielo: this Spanish iced coffee is an espresso or café solo poured into a glass of ice cubes; the espresso is tossed down boldly into the large glass with ice cubes and then it’s stirred: refreshing, delicious and exciting!We’ll relax on the late afternoon on our way back to Empuriabrava. Life is Beautiful! The late summer on the Costa Brava is fantastic!


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