Vintage cars on the Costa Brava

Reunion of old VW buses in Sant Pere Pescador

Camping, Bulli, T2, T3, T1, Volkswagen, vintage car, Costa Brava
Qué suerte : hay sol todo el día

On the familiar campsite Las Palmeras in Sant Pere Pescador, near by the ocean – a meeting of classic VW buses took place on the weekend of 11th to 13th October of 2019. We enjoyed the hippie flair and loved the charming vintage cars on the Costa Brava !

Young families, seniors, singles and couples – all with one thing in common: the passion for old buses of the german producer Volkswagen. On this weekend in the middle of October, one could see the most different variants of T1, T2 and T3 models: whether in the classic lotus British racing green, painted with neon-coloured flowers, lowered or with vintage tents on the roof. Obviously a lot of patience, love and sweat has been invested in them all!

Some of the beautiful Vintage cars on the Costa Brava

Saturday we ate a traditional fideuà with all guests of the meeting: it is very similar to the Spanish paella, but the typical Catalan fideuà is prepared with pasta instead of rice. Delicious!

Camping, Bulli, T2, T3, T1, Volkswagen, vintage car, Costa Brava
Typical catalan : Fidouá

In the evening there is a blues concert at the camping bar and everybody dances and drinks freshly tapped beer. The award ceremony take place during the concert. It was voted for the most beautiful model in each . To decide was not easy – because of all the lovely restored buses with individual interiors.

VW T2, Torroella de Fluviá, Beauty
A special beauty

On Sunday morning all the buses drive out to a large meadow and stand in three rows like colourfully lined up toy vehicles ready for a photoshoot. Another group photo, a last drink and song before the beautiful event on the Costa Brava comes to an end.


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