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GIRONA Easter procession

10Apr22:0000:00GIRONA Easter procession


Easter processions have been a tradition in Girona ever since 1566. Starting close to the cathedral on Good Friday at 10pm it continues all through the Old Town. Suffering and Death, accompanied with disharmony music, have something to them that reminds the spectator of Verdi’s The Power of Fate. All penitents are traditionally clad in hooded cloaks with tiny peepholes for the eyes. Thus, nobody can be recognized and anonymity is guaranteed since penance is a private affair.  There are a number of different fraternities and they can be told apart by the different colors of their cloaks. Some pennants are also carrying big crosses made of wood and richly adorned altars. Standing on the latter, there are life-size figurines of Saints and different sceneries re-enacting the Sufferings of Christ, which are called Pasos processionals. Manager or manufacturer, this day, it makes no difference. There is mystic, there is religion and there is mere happiness. Being part of a fraternity (confraries) is usually inherited and considered a great honor.



10. April 2020 22:00 - 00:00(GMT+00:00)


17004 Girona


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